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Due to new insurance stipulations, you will see some new charges. There’s also some new documents and new a leased rental contract for the coming season. These are to help you with consumer safety & the future of Summit Propane, INC. All while still providing you with the best pricing in propane that we possibly can.

New RENTAL Lease customers sign a 1 year Lease Rental Term Contract and must fill out a credit application!

New customers will receive a Hazardous Document Gas Check and need to sign stating that they have read the document.

On the back of the Hazardous Document Gas Check, you will find our disclaimers & new necessary charges.

Hazardous Materials Safety Surcharge – This charge is for federal, state and local government regulations, including, hazardous materials, homeland security, emergency preparedness, workplace safety, employee safety training and inspections, delivery and environmental compliance. 
This $9.00 charge is added to every delivery of propane.

Leak Check Charge – This Charge is applied when our company needs to come out & perform a leak check in cases where the customer ran out of propane, propane was turned off, or a new customer had a technician not approved by our company perform service on their appliances. 
Leak Check Charge – $15.00

Relight Pilot Charge – This charge is when a customer runs out of propane.  If the customer runs out of propane and needs a refill of propane, our company must relight your pilot and perform a leak check.  These tests are required by law under certain circumstances.  To avoid this charge we urge all customers to go on an automatic refill with our company.  If the customer denies the Relight pilot charge, they must sign a waiver that they denied this charge.  Our company will still fill the customer’s tank,  however, by law, our company must perform a Leak Check ($15.00), and once finished our company will turn the tank off to prevent any supply of propane to enter your location. 
If the customer still denies these charges, our company cannot refill your tank.
Relight Pilot Charge – $25.00.

Returned Check Charge- This fee is intended to cover the deposit return fee assessed by financial institutions and related administrative expenses associated with the return of a customer check for insufficient funds. The Returned Check Charge is $20.00.

Emergency Trip Charge – This charge is for customers who are in need of propane within after-hours or on weekends when our business is closed and the customer cannot wait for the propane.  The customer must be within a 20mile radius of 18224. The Emergency Trip Charge is $80.00.

Leased Rental Tank – All customers are subject to sign a contract for 1 year when they Rent a tank off our company.   Pricing depends on consumption.  If you  are a new customer, you will be set up with a smaller tank or a lower price per gallon until our company can determine what size tank is good for your location. 

Termination Charge – For customers with Rental Propane Tanks, the customer is not allowed to have any other company fill a Summit Propane tank.  If at any time the customer has another company, other than Summit, fill one our propane tanks, they will be subject to termination, in which our company will retrieve the propane tank and will not give any refund to the customer regardless of how much propane is in the tank.  This is against the law.  In the event that you terminate propane service with our company at any time and do not attempt to contact our company, we will charge the customer a termination charge.  – Termination Charge is $99.99.

Tank Restocking Charge – This charge is assessed when a current customer with our leased rental equipment and the current customer changed to a different propane company.  If the tank or tanks contain propane in excess of 5% water capacity or more, this charge will apply.  In order to remove our Company-owned tank from the customer’s property it must be under 5% water capacity.  You can avoid this charge by continuing service with our Company until the supply of the propane in the tank or tanks is less than 5%.  Depending on the size of the tank/cylinder, this charge may be as much as $99.99.

Reconnect Charge – In the event that your tank is shut off by our Company due to nonpayment for being over 2 weeks late, this charge will be assessed to turn on your tank, perform a leak check and put your propane system back into service.  If you are more than 30 days late on payment, we will retrieve our rental leased tank and terminate service. The Reconnect Charge is $69.99.

Tank Rental Charge – If you’re a customer that rents a leased propane tank off our company, you will be subject to a tank rental charge if you do not go through the amount of propane annually stated below.  Each tank size listed.  If you do not know what size tank you lease off our company, please contact our office and we will tell you what size tank you have.  To avoid this fee, our company will downsize your tank if you do not go through the amount of propane annually stated below.  If you choose not to downsize, we will be subject to charge you this fee.
*100lb tank must go through 100lb or more annually.  If you do not a $60.00 charge will be invoiced.
*200lb (60 gallon tank) must go through 100 gallons or more annually. 
If you do not a $75.00 charge will be invoiced.
*420lb (120 gallon tank) must go through 200 gallons or more annually. 
If you do not a $125.00 charge will be invoiced.
*250 gallon tank must go through 400 gallons or more annually. 
If you do not a $150.00 charge will be invoiced.
*325 gallon tank must go through 500 gallons or more annually. 
If you do not a $175.00 charge will be invoiced.
*500 gallon tank must go through 750 gallons or more annually. 
If you do not a $200.00 charge will be invoiced.

Will Call Charge – This charge assessed for propane deliveries to customers enrolled in the Will Call delivery option.  Customers can avoid this fee by switching to Automatic delivery with our company.
Will Call Charge – $0.05 cents per gallon

Summit Programs:  Pre-Buy** – This is a program that enables the customer to lock-in the propane price in advance for the customer’s projected winter  usage.
 Note:  Prices per gallon can change at any time due to market fluctuation this is why we do not have the customer sign a contract.  All pre buy prices change after 6 months.  Programs and fees are subject to change.  Certain restrictions apply.

As a valued customer, we want you to know how to properly use propane.  It’s a flammable fuel that may explode if not properly handled.

You and each member of your family must know the smell of propane.  Ask your propane specialist for help if you do not know the what the smell of propane is.

Carefully smell at floor level and in low spots – Propane is heavier than air and will collect at floor level.

1. Put out all smoking material and any other open flames.
2. Do not operate any appliances, switches or thermostats.
3. Get everyone outside and away from gas equipment.
4. Shut off the propane gas supply, using the shut-off valve at the tank or cylinder.
5. Call 911 and Call your propane provider outside at a safe distance from the leak.
6. Stay outside and leave the gas off until the leak has been found and fixed.

We strongly recommend that for safety reasons, you call our company or another qualified technician to relight pilots.  However, if you relight the pilots yourself:
– Turn all appliance controls and manual shut-off valves to the “OFF” positions.
– Slowly open the tank shut-off valve.
– Carefully smell for the presence of propane at floor level and in low spots before attempting to relight the pilots.
– If you detect a propane smell of any kind, STOP, and follow the directions above “WHAT TO DO IF YOU SMELL GAS”
– If no propane smell is detected, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on pilot relighting.

– Do not allow unqualified personnel to service your propane system or appliance.
– Do not tamper with gas controls on appliances.
– Do not let your system run out of propane.  Even if you rent a tank or own a tank and are on an automatic propane delivery with our company, its your job to check the tank gauge frequently. 
– Have wet or flooded appliances and controls serviced immediately.
– Some suggest that propane odor can fade or be covered up by other strong odors.  Do not light pilot lights in areas where there are strong odors – completely ventilate area first.
– Have your propane systems serviced regularly for your safety.
– Improperly vented appliances can cause carbon monoxide poisoning as indicated by sharp odors, eye irritation, headaches, dizziness, sleepiness or excessive moisture buildup on the inside of windows.  Ventilate immediately and all a qualified propane technician.

All air conditioner/heat pump units whether portable or permanent (in wall, window or ground mounted) must be a minimum of 10ft from propane tanks. 

Incase of extreme weather such as floods, ice and snow storms, etc., no deliveries will be made until your driveway has been cleared of all snow and ice.  Anti Skid material should be placed in driveway accessible to our equipment.  If, due to your encouragement, our driver enters your property or driveway, when he believes it to be unsafe, and our company vehicle gets stuck, you will be billed for the towing of the company’s vehicle.

Thank you

Summit Propane Team